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ก.ย. ค.ศ. 2017 • ครอบครัว
It is really difficult to talk about Ivan Večenaj Tišlarov in a few lines. He was one of a kind person. While you saw him you felt that person who standing in front of you is special. Not only because he was tall person and handsome gentleman with a hat which he used to wear. He was a gifted storyteller with a great sence of humour and lots of knowledge about history. He wanted to preserve the culture heritage by passing information to the next generation through story. And he does it well. He collected stories from his childhood from the old people, and his mission last till his old age. This amazing stories he convert to his art work. Born in little village of Gola, just next to Hungarian border, he was surrounded by tick Repaš woods, cows on the grasslands, unprecedented corn and wheat filelds and beautiful and unpredictable river Drava where he lived his whole life. He was amazed by a beautiful scenery of his home, he started to draw in age of only fifteen. He held his first exhibition in Koprivnica back in 1954. Through 60 years od creativity, he most painted oil paintings on glass, in a specific Croatian naïve inverse method of painting. He has exhibited throughout Croatia and the former Yugoslavia, Milan, Turin , Paris, San Francisco, Florida , Japan, Munich, Basel , Monte Carlo, New York, etc. He has received many awards and honors. He wrote seven books: „Secrets of the Castle Pepelara“(„Tajne dvorca Pepelara“ in Croatian), about Prekodravlje Region history and research on the ruin Pepelara fortress he learned that Pepelara was actually the place where St. Elizabeth of Hungary lived. „Wild maid scream“ („Krik divlje djevojke“ in Croatian), a novel about fairytale creatures from Prekodravlje Region, „To my homeland“ (Mojem zavičaju“ in Croatian), history of village Gola and Prekodravlje Region, „Prekodravlje sings like that“ (Prekodravje tak popeva“ in Croatian kajkavian dialect), collection of poems , „Big bird“ („Velka ftica“ in Croatian kajkavian dialect), a novel, Proverbs and riddles and Vocabulary of Gola which is preserved from oblivion 12,000 old words. He also wrote poems in Podravian dialect of Kaikavian language. Ivan Večenaj - Tišlarov was one of the most famous painters of Croatian Naive art. His paintins are not just a glasses with a paint on it. They telling you great stories, for those who want and know how to listen. His birth house in Gola is now an ethno-house, and just a few streets away you may visit his gallery where you may hear more about his interesting life path. Even many times hard and difficult, he never wanted to replace his life in Gola with some of the most attractive cities in the world. Even he could. He had many calls to live in Rome, Paris, to live anywhere in America. Unfortunatly he passed away at 13th of February 2013. He had many famous friends. One of his best buddies was a famous actor Yul Brynner, but he choose Gola insted. Why is that so, you have to discover for yourself. His son Mladen, who is painter himself and his granddauther Petra will gladly share their memories on great Ivan Večenaj – Tišlarov.
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