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Pasoso Island รีวิว, Donggala

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Julian R
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ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2017 • เพื่อนๆ
Pulau Pasoso is a turtle conservation area and I found this island looking for a quiet place with a nice coral reef. Maybe it not everybody cup of tea because the accommodation is too basic but for those adventurous travellers maybe is worthy.
First I must say how do I got there:
You must go to a small village called Labean about 100 kilometers from north of Palu, to get there you must go to Terminal Mamboro in Palu city to get public buses to Labean (they cost abut 35k rupee and the trip is about 3 hours).
Once in Labean go to NB Cellular / Tour Travel is on the main road near Bank Sulteng. Here you will find the help to go to island and basic accommodation to spend the night (about 100k rupee). The owner and his wife were very kind and will help you to with the logistic to go to Pulau Pasoso.
You will need one day to arrange all; so basically you will arrive to Labean and the next day you will be picked up in the nearby Mapaga port by the own Pasoso islanders and carried to the island.
About the accomodation you will need to know the following:
- You will be the host of a local fishermen familly commanded by Pak Ahmad you will supplied only with plain rice a grilled fish for lunch and dinner. For breakfast you will get hot water for making your coffe or tea you brought from Labean.
- The accommodation building is one house made of wood but without furniture (no chairs, no tables, no beds) not even a mattress, so bring a camping mat if want to sleep more comfy.
- There is no electricity but there are some photovoltaic panels who supply light during the night.
- The island is a family fishermen settlement where life still revolves around fishing so you will be witnessing the hardships of this kind of life. When there is spare time or is eating time everybody joins in communal table where they eat, drink and talk about how the day was.
You will be charged about 100k per night included meals. But you will need to buy water, fruits, snacks or whatever you need from the local market in Labean (please do not leave all the waste in Pasoso and return them with you to Labean to be properly disposed).
As I said the accomodation is just one bungalow well built but devoid of al furniture and the toilet is a squatting pan located outside the house but it is not properly maintained nor cleaned so it is useless. There is no mandy, nor shower, nor water to clean yourself.
Ok! it is difficult coming to Pasoso island and the accommodation is appalling so whats the point of coming here?: first the natural richness of the island no easy to found in other places, for example the island is fully forested with lots of parakeets, the ground is home to the endangered coconut crab (but there is no walkable paths), under the water there are lots of turtles, at the edge of the reef there are nice coral teeming with fish and some casual sharks. Second the hospitality of the local fishermen talkative (not english spoken) and willing to share their knowledge of the natural environment with you.
Resuming this place is for natural enthusiasts persons who are not scared of the basic conditions and like to mingling with local people. I wrote this review because this place has a lot of potential but right now is not ready receive visitors with a minimum comfort, I expect that a steady influx of visitors will encourage an upgrade in the facilities and then I definitely will visit again.
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