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Neil C
Herts70 ผลงาน
Excellent to Airport - Truly awful upon return
พ.ย. ค.ศ. 2019
I used this service in November 2019 to get from Hemel Hempstead to Heathrow T5. For the journey out the driver picked me up bang on time at 6.30am, the car was a Prius (I think) clean, all good and dropped me at T5 on time - excellent Service.

The return journey couldn't have been more different. I arrived on a Thursday evening my flight was on time, when I arrived at the meeting point (Costa) at 5pm no driver. I phoned to be told he was stuck on M25 and would be there at 6.20pm and did I want to wait? To cut a very long story short after a succession of phone calls at which it became clear that they weren't telling me the truth they finally sent another driver, in a beat up old Vauxhall Zaffira who whilst very apologetic was an awful driver at one point slamming the breaks on as he joined the M25 and stopping for no apparent reason whilst drivers behind swerved to avoid us.

So a tail of two journeys, clearly something went wrong on the 2nd one, yes there were traffic problems on the M25, however I don't believe they had a driver stuck for 2 hours, I think they over booked themselves and didn't tell me the truth.

I think they are a local firm based around Heathrow rather than an Airport transfer company.

I can laugh now but wasn't then !
เขียนเมื่อ 15 พฤศจิกายน ค.ศ. 2019
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อะเบอร์ดีน, UK133 ผลงาน
Avoid at all costs
ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2017 • คู่รัก
Recently had use this service a 13 mile trip cost £65.00 even though the trip should have been a mere 3 miles. Find alternative means to get to your destination
เขียนเมื่อ 20 สิงหาคม ค.ศ. 2017
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พูชอง , มาเลเซีย62 ผลงาน
Reliable & good service
เม.ย. ค.ศ. 2017 • ครอบครัว
Reliable & personalized service from driver. Driver will text u upon flight touchdown at Heathrow & wait for u at the Arrival Hall. Will take your luggages & drive safely to destination. Book online & u can pay cash to the driver. One of the cheapest taxi services.
เขียนเมื่อ 7 พฤษภาคม ค.ศ. 2017
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Greater London, UK49 ผลงาน
Great Value
ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2016 • เพื่อนๆ
Used these to get to Heathrow Airport from Uxbridge. Arrived on time, and did not charge us extra for having one more suitcase that originally stated on the booking. Will use them again.
เขียนเมื่อ 13 มีนาคม ค.ศ. 2017
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