Shiaba Ruins

Shiaba Ruins รีวิว, เกาะมัลล์

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Urk, เนเธอร์แลนด์29 ผลงาน
ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2019
There isn't much on Mull but the views at this site are so magnificent that my husband and I want to build a house there. They knew what they were doing when picking this site There isn't much left in terms of ruins.
เขียนเมื่อ 6 มกราคม ค.ศ. 2020
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Braintree, UK73 ผลงาน
พ.ค. ค.ศ. 2018
We walked to Shiaba on a hot cloudless day. Even in beautiful weather there is something poignant about this place; you can work out where the village centre and school once were, for example. The views out to sea are superb, with Colonsay, Jura and Islay making a dramatic skyline. This is a good area for golden eagles (we saw one being mobbed by crows and gulls) and solitude. On this southern coast of the Ross of Mull you can walk without seeing a soul.
เขียนเมื่อ 20 พฤษภาคม ค.ศ. 2018
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แลนคาเชียร์, UK180 ผลงาน
มิ.ย. ค.ศ. 2015 • คู่รัก
Best place to start is at the Ross of Mull Heritage Centre just as you enter Bunessan on the right, they have some cheap pamphlets on different areas in and around the Ross including Kilvickeon & Shiaba. The pamphlet for this area has a bit of history on the area around Loch Assapol and Shiaba, also showing you how to get to Shiaba (English meaning Six Cows) with a little map, interesting also it shows all the english meanings of the Gaelic names and is relatively cheap to buy.

Getting to Shiaba from Scoor House is sort of easy, you follow the rough farm track up to a stone sheep enclosure go through a gate then follow on through until the path turns into heath. From here the easiest is to skirt round to the right of a slight hill but heading for the forested hillside in the distance, there is a band of bare forest that runs down the entire hillside, this is your marker to head for. Eventually you will see the rough farm track start again and this then carries on to Shiaba.

Beware veering to the right of the initial hill as this is most entirely bog's.

Basically you want to head for the forested hillside then you will see the track.

Shiaba village isn't just one or two stone houses, there must be 20 or more albeit ruinous merely consisting of about a foot of stone, you still get the idea of what a community this must have been.

The views from here on a sunny clear day are just amazing, you can see the cliffs going round to Carsaig, the islands of Jura & Islay its just a beautiful spot.

There is also a little beach to the southwest where the villagers would have gotten supplies from ships passing through. A brief history of Shiaba and how they became suddenly evicted can be read here,

Would recommend visiting on a clear sunny day to see the views alone but also see what once was a thriving community complete with a school.
เขียนเมื่อ 12 มิถุนายน ค.ศ. 2015
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Brecon15 ผลงาน
ก.ย. ค.ศ. 2013 • เพื่อนๆ
Our walk to Shiaba was done on a gorgeous September day and we were rewarded with outstanding views towards Jura and Carsaig. We recommend reading about 17thC/18thC life on Mull and this abandoned village in particular before the walk. The village provokes all sorts of thoughts and feelings.
เขียนเมื่อ 10 กันยายน ค.ศ. 2013
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Gwen G
Llandinam, UK13 ผลงาน
ก.ค. ค.ศ. 2012 • เพื่อนๆ
Wonderful walk with fantastic scenery and the ruins very atmospheric.
เขียนเมื่อ 6 กรกฎาคม ค.ศ. 2012
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Uxbridge344 ผลงาน
Shiaba is probably not the best preserved ruined township on the Isle of Mull but it is still interesting and historically significant.

Good views are to be had of Malcolm's Point from Shiaba, from Dun A' Gheard (Fort of the Guard) and from at Sron an Dobhrain,

When I got to the Trig Station above cliffs at Traigh Bhan Na Sgurra (white sands of Scoor) it was possible to spot a Sea Eagle – however it did not stay within view for long.
เขียนเมื่อ 18 มิถุนายน ค.ศ. 2010
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