Omniplex Arklow

Omniplex Arklow รีวิว

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8 รีวิว

Mary F
2 ผลงาน
ม.ค. ค.ศ. 2022 • ครอบครัว
Never shows anything worth watching. If you like kids movies and Marvel, you'll be happy. If you want to watch anything remotely interesting. You'll have to drive in to
Dublin. Which is really disappointing as it's the only cinema in Wicklow.
เขียนเมื่อ 6 กุมภาพันธ์ ค.ศ. 2022
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Lauren B
3 ผลงาน
มิ.ย. ค.ศ. 2021 • เพื่อนๆ
Needs to be cleaned urgently, the smell is off and dust everywhere, during this pandemic hygiene is a very important thing and I feel this cinema didn't succeed
เขียนเมื่อ 9 มิถุนายน ค.ศ. 2021
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Barbara M
วิกโลว์, ไอร์แลนด์79 ผลงาน
ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2019 • ครอบครัว
Staff are friendly and helpful. Seats in the cinema are comfy. The popcorn is good - I like salty popcorn and this one does not disappoint. Parking is easy as there is plenty in the shopping centre. There are a good few screens so there's plenty of choice of movies.
เขียนเมื่อ 11 สิงหาคม ค.ศ. 2019
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Gerry D
Arklow, ไอร์แลนด์20 ผลงาน
ม.ค. ค.ศ. 2019 • ครอบครัว
I have been to this cinema a few times. I have always found a visit there a pleasant way to spend some time. Overall good quality sound and projection including a Max screen.
Variety of snacks available with helpful staff. Worth a visit if in the area.
เขียนเมื่อ 6 กุมภาพันธ์ ค.ศ. 2019
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1 ผลงาน
ม.ค. ค.ศ. 2019 • เพื่อนๆ
The manager and staff at the door where incredibly rude when we brought crisps from outside in . The manager took them from us and wouldn’t let us in with them , all while the staff laughed at us . Thought they would try their luck because we are teenagers. Very rude and disrespectful. Also their is no signs anywhere stating you cannot bring in outside food/snacks . When we were in ( without our crisps ) a man came in with an entire shopping bag of outside food . They clearly didn’t have the guts to take them off him
เขียนเมื่อ 26 มกราคม ค.ศ. 2019
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35 ผลงาน
ก.ย. ค.ศ. 2018 • คู่รัก
I think omniplex is fantastic cinema and in particular the maxx screen is a great place to go see animated or comic book type movies. The only thing I will say negative is that the manager there is never very helpful or pleasant. I've had a few experiences where teenagers have been let into 18s horror movies in large groups and spent the whole time laughing. When we went out during the film to complain he just told us he can't help it if people talk during the movie....what a load of BS. The other employees there are always really friendly and helpful and the place is generally kept really clean. Would definitely pick Gorey cinema instead for movies that are more likely to attract big gaggles of teens though
เขียนเมื่อ 11 กันยายน ค.ศ. 2018
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วิกโลว์, ไอร์แลนด์1 ผลงาน
พ.ค. ค.ศ. 2018 • ครอบครัว
Worst experience by far, if given the choice, boycott Arklow cinema and head to Dundrum. We weren’t allowed access into Deadpool 2 due to the fact our 16 y/o daughter doesn’t carry her passport with her to watch a movie. The two girls working the tills were extremely rude and passive aggressive, going as far as to lean over the counter to push their point across that a passport is now necessary to enter a film that is 16’s. We booked these tickets online which we were then told were non-refundable and that they can be ‘complimentary’ even though we bought them for €36. The two girls then proceeded to say that it said on the website that passports or student cards are needed to enter movies now. This was nowhere on the main page of the booking, instead is the small print on term and conditions.
This is the first time we have ever been stopped and asked for ID other than in an airport.

Worst experience by far and if it wasn’t for the fact we spent €36 we would never be returning to this cinema again.
But don’t worry Arklow Omniplex, we will have our PPS numbers and all for you next time we’re up!
เขียนเมื่อ 16 พฤษภาคม ค.ศ. 2018
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Pat N
Arklow, Ireland33 ผลงาน
ก.ค. ค.ศ. 2017 • ครอบครัว
Took the family to see the new Despicable Me movie. We went on a Tuesday when all shows are 6 euro. The cinema is in the middle of a revamp, a new OmniplexMAXX auditorium has opened and was showing Spiderman next door to our screen which had also been refurbished. I am very impressed with the new seating which reclines more than the older seats and wider.
เขียนเมื่อ 12 กรกฎาคม ค.ศ. 2017
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