Victor Tedesco Stadium
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This is a basic football stadium with artificial playing surface. There is only one all-seat stand, uncovered, down the side of the pitch. Like other Maltese grounds supporters are segregated. The refreshment area under the sand served hot drinks, canned beer, spirits, crisps and chocolate. The toilets were clean if a bit small.The main team that plays here is the Maltese Premier League Hamrun. On the day I visited though, two Division One matches were taking place, in front of a crowd of around one hundred.

The nearest bus stop for services to or from Valletta is Mile End, a short walk. I caught the number 54 bus which took around ten minutes from the bus station in Valletta but plenty of other bus services also stop here so it is worth checking online or at the main bus station.
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The Victor Tedesco Stadium , is the stadium of Hamrun Spartans , a stadium used for local football and sometimes junior international Matches.

Hamrun is synonymous for football with its team being Hamrun Spartans.

With its vibrant colours Red and Black , Hamrun provide a good atmosphere for all those football enthusiasts.

The local club does not always play in Hamrun , and sometimes matches are played either at the National Stadium in Ta' Qali or at Corradino in Paola.

A visit to a match would be a memorable experience as you will meet the locals prior to an anticipated football match.

Hamrun people are friendly.
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