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Tabby Tree Weaver - Day Classes รีวิว, Arcadia

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Great Weaving Shop in Small Town America
ต.ค. ค.ศ. 2014 • ครอบครัว
In passing through Arcadia, IN last week, I came across a quaint little shop that intrigued me with what it had in its windows. I think it was the orange shirt that caught my eye, just something about it and the color made me stop and want to see more. I walked up to the window and realized it was a weaving shop with all kinds of yarn in it, and right in the middle of the studio were looms that I assumed you made things on! With my mechanical background the looms really intrigued me, so I went in and immediately became enveloped in textures and colors. I'm an artistic person as well and this beautiful little shop just pulled me in and I was hooked.
Linda is the owner of the shop and advised me that she taught classes on how to use the looms and various weaving techniques and patterns. I have got to try this out! I'm not sure yet why the whole idea of weaving appealed to me but I have to tell you I got excited about making something of my own creation! This was another way for me to be creative and make something and I think the next class for beginners I'm going to take. Get up to Arcadia and see this neat shop. Great for kids and I think more than just me will be busy, thanks to Linda. Apparently she has events or classes for kids sometimes too.
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