Bayard Conservation Area

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My top point: The trail is shared with horses so be aware of what might be in your next step! There were lots of piles of dung that mixed in with the grass trail so be forewarned!

Bayard is a beautiful spot for a walk. I parked at the more westerly lot and walked the equestrian trail to connect with the main hiking trail. The trails are well marked for the most part although I was glad to have printed out a map to take with me. I wouldn't have found the path to the observation tower if I hadn't.

The trails are really wide so they're comfortable to walk side by side with someone. An added benefit was that I didn't worry about getting too close to any wildlife, especially the snake kind! We did see a pair of bald eagles flying overhead, too!

The dogs loved the trail and it was peaceful! As the reviewer below said, there is a water pump at the entry but there's also a sign near it that says it's not potable. So take plenty of water with you. We only hiked about three miles in total since we hadn't taken enough water for how hot it was.

If you do take your dogs, check them out afterward. We removed three tics from one of our pups (who is on a monthly flea and tic regimen).
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There are two entrances to Bayard Conservation Area. If you are heading east on State Road 16 and pass the first one, the next one is a short distance down the road, on the right hand side. If you cross the Shads Bridge - you've passed both of them. Hiking the whole loop is 7 miles, and it's a gorgeous walk. On the east trailhead there is an observation tower. There are places to camp and picnic. They offer pumps for water but it's not recommended to drink so bring plenty of your own if you intend on walking the whole 7 miles (especially in this summer heat). It's a great place to spend the day. Check it out if you fancy a hike and are in the area.
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There are two entrances and trailheads right off SR 16 just before the Shands bridge. The best starting point is the John P Hall Nature Preserve parking area where you can follow the hiking trail. Keep in mind, the trail crosses many equestrian trails as well. As it was getting late, I didn't get too far but there is an observation tower within a mile of the starting point. Hopefully in the near future, I plan to go back and hike all 7-miles of the trail!
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