Chicham Bridge

Chicham Bridge รีวิว, Lahaul and Spiti District

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ก.ค. ค.ศ. 2021 • คู่รัก
We left Kaza for Losar. We passed through Kibber,once the highest motorable village in the world,now the second highest,the highest motorable village nowadays is Komic, again in the Spiti valley.
On the way we passed through the Chicham Bridge. It was a staggering experience to view the bridge. Lovely experience.
India’s Spiti Valley is home to wonders that make for a lifetime’s experience. While most of those wonders are quite popular in the tourism circuit, there is a secret that not many know about. Yes, it is home to Chicham Bridge, the highest bridge in Asia, and quite an astounding spectacle at that.

The bridge is at a staggering height of 13596 ft and connects the two villages named Chicham and Kibber. Look down this one and you will find yourself gaping below, at a 1000 ft deep gorge! The gorge below is known by the name of Samba Lamba Nallah; the making of this bridge cuts down the journey from Kibber to Losar by 40 kms.
Chicham Bridge was constructed over a course of 15 years, and was inaugurated in 2017. It costed a whopping INR 485.50 lakhs to get the bridge constructed. It has recently become quite a rage with the travellers, a number of them taking videos and photos of the phenomenon.

Travellers can also move towards the Chandratal Lake after crossing the bridge, another wonder that lies in the folds of the Himalayas here. You can also explore the surrounding region that comprises of Kaza, Komic, Langza, Dhankar, Tabo and Nako. Those keen to explore more can also head to the Mud village. We five couples visited all the above places.
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Aakash K
นิวเดลี, อินเดีย633 ผลงาน
ก.ค. ค.ศ. 2019 • เพื่อนๆ
It's the Asia's tallest bridge that connects two villages chicham and kibber. A good spot for bikers and photographers. It offers amazing views
เขียนเมื่อ 25 พฤษภาคม ค.ศ. 2020
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Saligao, อินเดีย11 ผลงาน
ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2019 • เพื่อนๆ
Land of beautiful landscapes, mountains,pinnacles,and most humble and beautiful people on earth....Love from Nagaland.
เขียนเมื่อ 2 ธันวาคม ค.ศ. 2019
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amit j
นิวเดลี, อินเดีย120 ผลงาน
ก.ย. ค.ศ. 2019 • ครอบครัว
The place is on route to Losar/Chandrataal and kind of feels like an achievement to ride on this bridge if you have done self driven trip..
เขียนเมื่อ 28 กันยายน ค.ศ. 2019
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Sumana D
Guwahati, อินเดีย98 ผลงาน
มิ.ย. ค.ศ. 2019
If you want to see the canyons up close, this is where you should go. some snow remained in the crevices, even in late June. We also got to see a flock of Himalayan Ghorals close to Chicham, which enriched our trip.
เขียนเมื่อ 4 กันยายน ค.ศ. 2019
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นิวเดลี, อินเดีย198 ผลงาน
ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2019
Located at a height of around 4500 meters above sea level in the Himalayan mountain ranges, the Chicham Bridge is said to be the world's highest suspension bridge and is one of the most spectacular bridges of the world. The bridge is situated across a deep gorge around 1000 feet in height. The bridge connects Kibber village with the Chicham village in the Spiti valley and is frequently used by motorists for approaching the Kunzum Pass. The bridge was opened to the public in the year 2017.
เขียนเมื่อ 11 สิงหาคม ค.ศ. 2019
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