Dubuque-1 Bike Route

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Randy L
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Heritage Trail
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Parking your car at Heritage Pond between Sageville and Dubuque allows a bike rider to choose to ride back into Dubuque along a well managed trail or to head north all the way to Dyersville. Either way this bike trail is one of the treasures of Dubuque and is very popular.
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Mark W
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Great bicycle route visiting Balltown, Field of Dreams, Dyersville, and Dubuque.
ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2015 • เดินทางคนเดียว
The Dubuque-1 Bike Route is one of the most scenic bike rides in the midwest. This is a challenging 66 miles with a couple of spectacular climbs. But the breathtaking scenery and low-traffic, paved roads will make up for the uphill challenge.

There are several places to begin and end this rides, but the best spot for parking is the 52 Heritage Pond on Hwy 52 on the north end of Dubuque. It is just beyond the trail overpass on Hwy 52 and is the start of the Dubuque Heritage Trail. There is plenty of parking and bathrooms. If you do plan to use the Dubuque Heritage Trail, note there is a trail fee, but you can purchase a trail pass at the kiosk on the trail.

The route starts on Hwy 52 for a mile or two. This will be the busiest road of the day. Turn right in Sageville and the climb to Sherrill and Balltown begin. The first climb may seem daunting, but it won’t be that way all day.

Sherrill is a small community with a bar and restaurant call The Barn. You could start your ride in Sherrill and overnight at the Black Horse Bed and Breakfast, built in 1854.

The route continues to Balltown, one of the highest peaks in Iowa. The view from the scenic overlook is amazing. A stop not to miss is Breitbach’s Country Restaurant.

After Balltown, the climbs level out into typical rolling hills. The route travels to Holy Cross. It is a small community with a market, bar, and church. You can stop by Noonan’s North for refreshments.

The roads take you to towards Dyersville, but before you arrive, you can off route and visit the Field of Dreams movie site. The town has a thriving downtown with several restaurants. You can also visit the Catholic Basilica, twin steepled landmark that you can see for miles. The downtown library has a waterfountain in the entrance.

If you wish, you can take the Heritage Trail 26 miles back to Dubuque. But one caveat – it is not paved. You may expend more energy than you would taking the road. Also, the trail does not stop in the communities, so be prepared for water.

If you take the road back, You will hit Farley, Epworth, and Centralia. Each community has services available. Turn north on Sundown Road at the Junction 21 Restaurant.

When you reach Dubuque, you will follow Asbury road to Hwy 32. At this point, take the trail. It is a spectacular downhill ride from the top of the bluff to the river. Follow the trail across Hwy 52 where it will lead to an overpass and return you to the Heritage Pond.
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