Mazomani Trail

Mazomani Trail รีวิว, ชาโกปี

สถานที่ชมธรรมชาติ/ชีวิตสัตว์ป่า • เส้นทางเดินป่า
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เซนต์พอล, มินนิโซตา24 ผลงาน
Snow shoeing the trail
มี.ค. ค.ศ. 2019 • คู่รัก
It was a perfect year to snowshoe this trail. We have gone in the spring and summer when it is swampy and buggy but it was perfect. Ended up being about 6 miles total but we did see the rack and the abandoned house from the 1880s. All in all a great hike.
เขียนเมื่อ 6 มีนาคม ค.ศ. 2019
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Terry W
Jordan, มินนิโซตา109 ผลงาน
Great trail for short or long hikes
ม.ค. ค.ศ. 2018 • คู่รัก
I live near here so this is one of my most visited trails. There are two different entry points to the area, so even short hikes have many opportunities for variety. Very little in the way of hills, but portions of the area are subject to flooding. The dam down near the Jabs Farm disappeared several years ago, which is sad as I used to frequent that part of the trail. Sand Creek is rarely crossable there now.
เขียนเมื่อ 3 มีนาคม ค.ศ. 2018
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พีโอเรีย, อิลลินอยส์122 ผลงาน
Bug Tour
ก.ค. ค.ศ. 2017 • เพื่อนๆ
Was looking for a great trail in the area and come across this as #9 in Shakopee, was disappointed! Bring lots and lots of bug spray! This is more nature than trail. It's a grassy, weedy trail that gets mowed. We almost stepped on two snakes! Ew! Trail is not very well marked so have a good sense of direction. The good thing is it is a loop! And while they said they had facilities we didn't find them. Skip it!
เขียนเมื่อ 5 กรกฎาคม ค.ศ. 2017
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Beth J
15 ผลงาน
River valley views
พ.ย. ค.ศ. 2016
We walked about a mile out on the trail to see the bluffs. It was a nice walk with old oak trees. The path was mowed. Our dog loved it.
เขียนเมื่อ 5 พฤศจิกายน ค.ศ. 2016
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Matthew D
26 ผลงาน
Amazing hike
ต.ค. ค.ศ. 2015 • เพื่อนๆ
I was looking for a hike near Minneapolis to enjoy with some friends over the weekend and the Mazomani Trail came up as a strong possibility. When my friends and I showed up at the trailhead and found a map it turned out that a section of the trail was closed meaning we would have to detour. Typically the Mazomani Trial loop is only 4.5 miles but with the detour it was supposed to be right total of 7 miles. Apparently we chose the perfect time of year to do this because leaves were changing colors, there were no bugs and the temperature was absolutely perfect in shorts and a t-shirt. Scenery was wonderfully varied and even though we missed out on about a mile and a half of the Mazomani Trail because of the detour (which went through Carver Rapids Unit, also very pretty) I did do some doubling back and saw most of the trail (ended up being about 9.6 miles total). If you are looking for a beautiful place to hike near Minneapolis this would probably be my top recommendation at this point, somewhere I can definitely see myself going back to! Also since there are a number of ways to do loops from the trailhead you can do something as short as 2 or 3 miles and still get some wonderful sights. We did not see a ton of people out of it was a big mixture of solo hikers with a dog to families with a stroller and a bunch of little kids.
เขียนเมื่อ 10 ตุลาคม ค.ศ. 2015
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