Historical Chandravati City Museum

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Well this museum is situated in jungle & villages area ,near ruined Chandravati City. This museum was started from 16 july 2018.

This museum having artefacts Architectural remains, potsherds, chiselled stones which recovered , collected from Chandrawati City

Ticket - Applicable ( some times they will not charge)
Photography - Allowed
Videography - not allowed inside.

If you are a deep knowledge gainer traveller then you will take around more then 1 hour to visit this museum

There is no fast-food shop/counter near by , so must carry water bottle & some snacks.

Chandrawati is located at 5 kilometre away from Abut Road railway station, on the border of Rajasthan and Gujrat. According to the literary sources, the historical city of Chandrawati was centre of culture and trade between 7th to 13th Century AD because of its location in the centre of strategic and trade route, it faced a number of attacks . Gujrat victory was the main attraction for the invaders. High walls, wide roads and remains of temples indicate the prosperity of the city in the past

A new chapter is going to be added in the history of Rajasthan on the basis of these findings. This place remained witness of human civilization in prehistoric period and developed as a big city in the early centuries of medieval period_ According to Colonel Tod and some other historians, its splendor was on the peak during the 11th to 17th century AD.- Probably it was an important centre
for trade and religion in the contemporary period. Though invaders tried to destroy the glory of the city, but they failed to erase out the evidences.

In the early medieval period_ this city was the kingdom of Parmar kings belonging of Narmada mancial, followed by Devra Chaithan. In 1405, the capital was transferred to Sirohi by Devras. Architectural remains, potsherds, chiselled stones and a big storage Jar recovered from this site.

In this museum , Several types of minor objects like beads and terracotta, semi precious stones, metal objects (iron and copper), fragments of glass utensils, and a few terracotta human and animal figurines were discovered. Also were found a number of terracotta objects perhaps used for entertainment.

We seen in this museum , The pottery assemblage was represented by Red and Grey Ware in all the three cultural stages. In stage I and II some fragments of both wares were having beautiful surface treatment with somewhat glazing effect. The assemblage was mainly represented by a variety of jars, pots, basins, bowls and lids. All these shapes continue throughout the deposit but with some change, besides some new shapes also appear in every stage. In several trenches grey ware was outnumbered by the red ware.

There are too much sculptures recovered & excavated in ruined stages from city , presenting in this museum. Rajasthan is known for exquisite sculptures and architectural masterpieces. An incredible assortment of stones exists naturally in Rajasthan, all of which can be worked in many ways. Marble, limestone, sandstones and quartz in myriad hues have been fashioned into a plethora of shapes and objects over the ages. Marble found in a variety of whites, green and blacks can be polished and refined after carving or lathe work. Marble lends itself well to inlay or pietra dura work and with skilled artistry can be made to have a translucency that gives these pieces additional visual depth. The sthapati, master of all material manipulations including sculpture and architecture, creates perfect forms that embody divinity and transcend the imperfections of distinctive human traits. This skill is illustrated in sacred architecture across the country.
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