Siam Cafe
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The first time I entered Siam Cafe, I had high standards for this restaurant to satisfy me. Why? Because I've heard so many incredible things about it since I was in high school about 10 years ago. The ambience is wonderful. When you walk in, the lights are very dim, and the conversations amongst the guests is murmured. The servers seat you wherever you feel comfortable. The best part is that if you don't feel like sitting at a table, you can step into the corner, which provides you traditional Thai seating on the wooden floors, with plush pillows, and a low table. You must remove your shoes ofcourse, and the lighting is even more intimate, perfect for a date or great time amongst your close friends. The decorations are gorgeous and the music is set at the correct volume. If you are looking for a loud, bright atmosphere, this isn't your place. I would recommend a hot sake when you are seated, to get you in the mood for the delicious food they have to offer. Their menu has so many different dishes to please everyone, especially the vegetarian. They can prepare your dinner however you would like, and you can choose the spiciness of it as well. Their spring rolls are the best I've ever tasted. You get 4 crunchy rolls filled with Thai heaven, and it comes with a sweet glaze and also a peanut buttery dipping sauce for your pleasure. The pad Thai and their green curry is divine. Make sure you get it spicy! I haven't had dessert here yet, only because their generous portions of dinner are too filling for me to go on to dessert. The service is great and the waiters or waitresses are very humble. The prices are low, especially compared to the prices in the French Quarter, which offer you hit and miss cuisines. The prices are between $3-$13.95. Wonderful because the average dinner is $8.95. After you are done eating, you can go upstairs, where music is being played, usually by a band. There is a bar up there as well. I definitely recommend Siam Cafe to you if you are in New Orleanscome to New Orleans. We walk all the way through the French Quarter and straight to Siam's.
เขียนเมื่อ 26 มีนาคม ค.ศ. 2003
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