Shirkent Gorge

Shirkent Gorge รีวิว, Tursunzade

ภูเขา • สถานที่ชมธรรมชาติ/ชีวิตสัตว์ป่า • จุดขับรถชมวิว

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Andrew M
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ส.ค. ค.ศ. 2019
The Shirkent National park is 100 km west of Dushanbe and makes a great day trip if you enjoy trekking. The roads are in good condition for most of the journey, through Hisor, then skirting the city of Tursundaze until you start driving beside the river where the asphalt stops, and a bumpy dirt road appears. The Karatag river flows through the park down the southern slopes of the Gissar mountain range. We were most interested in seeing the park, and visiting the site of one of three areas which have dinosaur footprints.

The trek to the footprint site took a little over an hour, and was mostly uphill. On the way we saw cows, horses and a farmer with a donkey. The views of the surrounding mountains are great, and you will probably be the only tourists here, as this is not a popular tour. We used a guide, but read that it could be done on your own, assuming that you know where to find the dinosaur footprint sites. The footprints were on an upraised plate of limestone which used to be a part of the river bed. We were able to get as close as 100 feet, but loose rock prevented us from getting closer. This was disappointing, as we had hoped to be able to touch the footprints or get close photos with them in the background. If going on a tour, be sure to ask which of the three footprint sites you will be visiting, as one of the sites is flat and allows you to place your feet in the dinosaur footprint.

The dinosaur prints were three toed, the distance between the prints 1 meter and the depth of the print 2 cm. Scientists have identified this creature as a two-legged dinosaur of the Theropoda group. It is a newly identified species of dinosaur and was named, "Macropodosaurs Gravis". The three sites of footprints in the park are located at the right bank of the river, 5 km from the mouth of the river and near Pashmi Kuna village. There are over 400 prints in the Park. If we had the opportunity to do this again, we would spend two days in the park and overnight in a Dacha or tent near the river. This would have given us the opportunity to see all the footprints, as this is impossible to accomplish on a day trip from the city.

The Park and it's beautiful landscapes are itself an attraction, so if you are relatively fit this is an easy trek. We also saw evidence of bears on the trail, but they are not a threat. After visiting the Park, the Aluminum Factory near to the entrance of Tursunzade is an interesting sight, as it is the biggest in Central Asia and consumes 40% of the country's electricity. There are also a few interesting monuments in Tursunzade. If you have time on the way back, combine this trip with a visit to the Hisor fortress complex, which you will also pass on the way to Dushanbe.
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