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I was treated to a vacation in my hometown by my wife this weekend, staying here at Honor and Folly Friday and Saturday nights. Booking was easy, and the owner easily reachable. The space is amazing, both for what is within but where it is. Inside is exposed brickwork, 2 beds and baths, a loft space, and 2 outdoor porches. If you want to cook, there are pans and such at your disposal, a great island for prep, and a an expansive view to the (hopefully restored one day) Michigan Central Station and Roosevelt Park. Downstairs is one of Detroit's best places to eat, Slow's BBQ. The block that Honor and Folly is on has Astro Coffee, Sugar House for cocktails, the Mercury Bar for burgers, and is just a block or two from many foodie or drink destinations.
We had a great stay at Honor & Folly while visiting Detroit for the Maker Faire, the week after Detroit declared bankruptcy. The place is well decorated, spacious and in a fun location (albeit a bit sketchy) that is a short drive from many of the great things Detroit has to offer. Things we loved: great location (above Slows BBQ, close to Dequindre Cut bike path and the Eastern Market); great decor; spacious; super close to the border and highway; close to Supino's pizza; owner was very responsive via text to address our questions; across the street from the abandoned Roosevelt train station (cool and a bit creepy) Cautionary notes: bring your own soap for the shower (there was none when we went); don't depend on WiFi (you have to tap into the free WiFi from Slows BBQ downstairs and it didn't work for us - this was an unexpected challenge, as our kids wanted to watch Netflix and were unable to); scissors as a wall decoration in the spare bedroom (nice to look at, bad for kids - no running please); parking can be a bit tricky (you want to park out front, but there are a lot of folks coming to eat at Slows, so parking can be a bit of a challenge). Recommendations: rent bikes at the waterfront and bike around Detroit, particularly Eastern Market and the Dequindre Cut greenway; visit the nearby Heidelberg Project.
What a score. Perfectly situated on Michigan Avenue near the old statuesque train station, Honor & Folly is a great central hub for those looking to explore the Motor City. You could literally hole up in this incredibly cute space for a couple days of romance or relaxation, leaving only for coffee downstairs at Astro, or BBQ next door at Slows. But for those who want to get out, easy parking and access to Michigan Ave—as well as nearby highways—offer short drives to downtown, and just about everywhere else. The space is awesome, with a huge kitchen and open floor plan. Bedrooms and bathrooms are all clean and comfy. Only catch is you might find yourself sharing the space with a couple strangers. For us, this was a huge bonus, as we made new friends who inspired some changes in our plans and made us frothy lattes. Enjoy!
We stumbled on this incredible loft when visiting Detroit for the first time; best described as rustic industrial, this place had everything you may need for a comfortable stay in a hip end of Detroit. Two gorgeous bedrooms and a neat 2nd floor nook that accommodates another double bed. This place can actually sleep six people comfortably. Full modern kitchen and many tasteful details abound; also has two full bathrooms.The area features an ultra cool urban mini golf course designed with recycled metal finds and old bikes; cool cafes and bars abound on this great little strip. Neat views of the haunting old historic train station,currently under development. A must stay place for urban folks that get this chic style of loft - you won't be disappointed!
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