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อันดับที่ 3 จาก 4 ที่พักพร้อมอาหารเช้า / โรงแรมขนาดเล็ก ใน Hatfield
อินเตอร์เน็ตความเร็วสูง (WiFi) ฟรี


คะแนน: 53 จาก 100
46ร้านอาหาร แห่งในรัศมี 1 กม.
5สถานที่ท่องเที่ยว แห่งในรัศมี 1 กม.
5 West View Building B, Hatfield AL10 0PJ อังกฤษ
ท่าอากาศยานลูตัน15 กม.
ท่าอากาศยานสตานสเตด35 กม.
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This place is more of a bedsit than a hotel. Microwave,kettle and fridge. It was cold as no hearing. I text number and they did bring a heater. Unfortunately then the roof started leaking onto the bed when it rained! I contacted them and they refunded me as I did not stay. It looks like they are in the middle of renovations. There was a part completed kitchen cuboard in room. With some work and new matresses it could show promise.
Having been lurd by the slightly lower price tag, on arrival I could see why. This large converted 1930s pair of houses, once the home of a religious nutjob cult, is a remotely run as a strictly DIY hostel. The code locks try to give the air of security, but I don't trust them. People leave the front door either unlocked or wide open, and the so called "housekeeping" woman I found in my room when I doubled back a few minutes after leaving on the first morning (you can tell how confident I was) said oops, I've come to clear out the room, are you leaving today? I wasn't, and furthermore doubt she was a cleaner as she had no equipment with her, and had she been real she would have known the booking dates of the guests. I pottered around for a few minutes then left again, this time for the business I had come for. When I returned, the door was unlocked again, this time latched back so anyone could walk in. Someone had rummaged through my case, but as there were no high value trinkets or electronics, nothing was taken. I knew exactly how I left it, I'd taken a photo just in case I needed evidence later. The following day the rummagers were less subtle. This time they not only tried the suitcase, but also moved the furniture around. I left the following morning. If you do use this place, please, don't leave anything ion the room that you are not prepared to lose.
First the good bits; price (cheap), kitchenette, clean fridge, hob & kettle, tea & coffee provided. Not so good; traffic noise, Keyless entry system a bit fiddly, doors unfinished (unpainted on the inside), no lamp shades, worn carpets. Bad bits; mattresses badly worn, shower drain blocked (15mins to drain), only 1 light bulb working out of two, chewing gum on a plug socket. This feels more like a hostel but is clearly ‘work in progress’. However, it is better than sleeping in a tent. Just.
The first thing that struck me upon entering, following the initial smart appearance of the property, was how old and run down the place is. Secondly, apart from the smell of toilets as you walk down corridors, how flimsy the bedroom doors and their code locks felt. The room was very cold. No double glazing, no window cover in the bathroom, mould and condensation rife. Room very sparce: an oven, sink, fridge and kettle....but no tv or towels!! We'd been in there for 2 minutes when a man walked in, wondering why we were in his room! All his stuff had been moved out (seemingly without his knowledge)so we allowed him in to check. This isn't on. I messaged the host (whom it seems has no contact with guests or the property without being paid extra by the guests in question!) and was assured they have 100% safety record via text. There were workmen doing their thing and the front code locked door was left wide open on a regular basis, which doesn't bode well for any kind of "safety record" really. The bedding is old and stained, the carpets badly marked, the toilet was dirty (had to be cleaned by my partner as I threw a fit!) and there was no way I was using that shower! ...and then not even a hand towel offered. It was certainly better than sleeping on the streets but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're really not fussy about where you lay! I have to say I've paid less for a lot more comfort and some thoughtful touches...
I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody. My daughter had a bad experience here. The room she was initially given was occupied the second one was full of rubbish and cigarette ends. As she left the property having wisely decided not to stay there she saw two men enter the room that she had originally offered. They give out the security codes over the phone without checking ID or name. She was eventually given a refund not from the place but from booking.com.
US$49 - US$62 (ตามราคาเฉลี่ยของห้องมาตรฐาน)
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